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Be strengthened.
Be courageous. 

Educating others on how their bodies operate & how to take care of them, while enjoying the foods & activities they love. Building confidence in your body image, performance & every day roles. Instilling lifelong changes instead of quick fixes and health fads. The solution is simple: consistent, daily effort over time.

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Hi there!

I am the owner & personal trainer of She Is Strength. With a Master's degree in Kinesiology & over six years of experience in training & coaching, it is my mission to serve & help others in their fitness journey.

My approach is to educate others on how to create a healthy lifestyle that works for them, while keeping things natural, & easy to understand. 


MS Kinesiology
OCB Professional Bodybuilder

Class Types

She Is Thick

40 minute glute targeting class designed to increase mass and tone those muscles.

Be Pumped
(Full Body)

40 minute full body hypertrophy class.
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Be Breathtaking

40 minute bodyweight cardio class focused on getting the heart rate up and improving cardiovascular fitness.
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Testimonials & Transformations

“Training with Briana has taught me so much about self-discipline & has improved my self-confidence a thousand percent! Getting more fit and stronger week by week has made me feel like I’m able to accomplish even the hardest of tasks. Before I started working out with Brie I was scared to go to the gym, especially the weights area. Briana not only trained me but would teach me the correct form & what I should be feeling. What’s more, Briana became a great friend. During our sessions we’d laugh & at times they became counseling sessions. She would encourage me to maintain a positive mindset & to be consistent. She kept my workouts structured & her meal plans were made just for my body. She is truly amazing!!” - Jasmin A.

“I’ve been training with Brie for almost 1 year and she has been a joy to train with. Brie is knowledgeable, reliable and dedicated to helping her clients obtain their workout goals. Brie also has flexible appointments to accommodate her clients. During covid I’ve been reluctant about going to gyms in person, so I love the fact that I can train with Brie from the comfort of my own home. If you’re looking for a great trainer, don’t hesitate to hit her up!” - Niki R.

“I found Briana’s personal training page on Instagram searching for a professional, well-experienced female and hiring Brie has been the best decision I’ve made for myself. Briana is amazing. She motivates, encourages, and inspires you each workout. She is extremely flexible and accommodating to all lifestyles, body types, and nutritional needs and preferences. Given these pleasant experiences I actually started looking forward to coming and training with her longer than originally planned! Working with Brie, I have seen significant progress toward my health and fitness goals. I would highly recommend Briana for any person looking for a great trainer, workout, or meal planner no matter where you are on your journey. She is professional, committed, awesome and skilled in what she does!! Thank you Briana!” - Briona P.

“Coach Briana has helped me to be more mindful about making sure I get my cardio and strength training done every week. I have lost weight and developed healthier eating habits with the eating plans she’s provided. I’ve done so well, I no longer have to take medication for a chronic medical condition. Briana is very encouraging, motivating, and pushes me to do my best! She’s the greatest.” - Coby B.

“Briana is a brilliant trainer! I’ve been with her for the last five months and the gains have been great! She prescribed a strength training and diet plan I could live with and stayed with me to make sure I was working hard, but at the same time making sure I was comfortable with what I was doing. Her knowledge and expertise has been invaluable to my journey. I am finally attaining my fitness goals and I couldn’t have done it without her!” - John P.

“Before I started working out with Brie, I was unmotivated and unable to lose any weight. Brie helped build up my confidence and got my body looking right. Outside of her being a great trainer, she also became a great friend.” - Tiara C.

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